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Getting your freak on with a veggie garden

According to one of Australia’s most popular fitness celebrities, growing your own vegetables must make you a freak? Well if that’s the case I am really getting my freak on!

While the social media world was fuming with Woolworths’ latest advert I was at the landscaping supply shop… ordering drainage gravel and organic soil for my brand spanking new raised garden bed!

I have recently moved into a new home and am delighted that I finally have the space to begin some new gardening adventures. I am already the proud owner of a lemon tree and some potted veggies, but now I have a little more space I thought it was time to expand my adventures!

Before you too dismiss the idea of having your own veggie garden as “freaky” I urge you to consider the advantages of growing your own food.

5 Reasons why starting your own Vegetable Garden is a GOOD idea:

  • It’s cheap! With the ever-increasing price of food, why would you not want to grow your own? Many vegetables, herbs and fruits can be grown from cuttings or scraps making vegetables grown at home one of the cheapest foods you can buy.
  • Increased health benefits. Any scientist will tell you that the longer a plant is out of the soil the fewer the nutrients and enzymes it contains. Imagine not only the fresh taste, but also the nutrient value in home grown veggies compared to those veggies that have spent weeks travelling in-between commercial farms and storage facilities en-route to the supermarket!
  • It’s good for the environment. The benefits to the environment for growing your own food are massive. Not only are you eliminating the environmental toll of transportation, packaging and refrigeration but you are also able to use the scraps of your veggies to create compost that you can then use to fertalise your plants. (It’s like an awesome never-ending cycle!)
  • To reduce stress. Yes it’s true! Gardening is proven to reduce stress, and it’s really no surprise. Getting out doors and connecting with nature allows you to unwind. Combine that with focussing on a worthwhile task and your brain is in happy land!
  • Enhance family time.  Apart from educating your children about where food comes from and how it is grown, growing your own vegetables is also a useful tool in connecting families. A common theme I found travelling the world was the way families connect when they are involved in the growth of their own food. The connection is priceless and well worth replicating in the western world.


Vegetable garden health

{Did anyone mention that creating a vegetable garden was good exercise too?}


If space is not on your side please don’t despair. Instead look at pots or vertical gardens as well as varieties that can be grown indoors. And you don’t need to start big, a lot of use and satisfaction can be found by starting with simple herbs.

Some may call it freaky, but I call it fabulous! The ability to have fresh organic veggies straight to your plate, with no waste, whenever you need is nothing short of amazing!

Please share you veggie growing journey with us in the comments below!!

– Amber xx

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