The Upside of an Injury

Say what? There’s an upside to an injury?

I was having a rough time and seemed to be on what you would call a ‘bad run’ I had been through it all, from a marriage breakdown to being hit by a truck (yes, literally!!). I used exercise as a tool to get me through the hard times… and it worked. Exercise played a big part in my recovery from depression and was a tool I used nearly every day to elevate my mood.

However I discovered late in 2013 that something was wrong, very wrong. I could no longer move like I wanted to and was in incredible pain that shot from my hip up into my back and down my leg. At first I dismissed the pain as a muscle strain, but after weeks of Physio treatment with no relief I was sent off for X-rays and MRI scans, which revealed I had bone spurs and a severe labral tear, which could only be corrected through surgery. The 6-month wait for arthroscopic hip reconstruction began.

Everything I knew about controlling my depression was ripped away. I knew how to create goals and I knew how to reach them. Only now my body wouldn’t follow my advice. During the 6-month wait I began to feel extreme back pain and knee pain, with subsequent scans also revealing my pelvis was fusing to my spine along with calcification popping up everywhere including in my quadriceps tendon. Doctors passed my symptoms off, telling me they were a result of compensation and my hip injury and that nothing could be done until I had undergone my reconstruction.

Being in pain and not able to move properly also meant my work as a personal trainer and coach was taken away as well.

I was LOST.

However I know that there is always another way to do something and that this circumstance was no exception, I began studying holistic nutrition with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition out of NYC. Within weeks it ignited a spark within me to promote true health and fitness from a holistic viewpoint. My mind was made up I was heading back to Uni (again) this time to study a bachelor of Nutritional Medicine.

I believe everything in life happens for a reason, and that my injury was the kick in the face I needed to evaluate my life and career. I was always interested in holistic health, and had done hours of personal research and investigation yet I had never done anything about studying it so I could share my knowledge with others.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s not like I woke up one day and it all fell together, I went through a lot of emotional pain (and tissues!!) but now I’m excited about my new direction and I am LOVING helping everyone along the way.

  • Amber xx
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