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Terrific Turmeric

Imagine a super drug that could reduce pain and inflammation caused by injuries and auto immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis… without ANY side affects. Sounds good right? Well imagine no more as this ‘super drug’ is available RIGHT NOW at your local supermarket.

It’s called Turmeric and it should be your new best friend.

You might know turmeric as a popular Indian spice; after all it has been used to flavor your favourite curries for approximately 4000 years. Whilst Western Medicine didn’t start looking into the benefits of turmeric on the human body until 1979, Indian Ayurvedic practitioners have known of its benefits for thousands of years. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine used turmeric to heal many ailments, including sores and bruises, as well as treating liver, digestive problems and skin diseases. Ayurvedic practitioners not only considered Turmeric to be anti-inflammatory, but also anti microbial, anti bacterial, anti viral and anti-rheumatic.

One of the key traditional texts providing guidelines on Ayurvedic medicine refers to plants as ‘organic drugs from the vegetable kingdom’ and turmeric is no exception.

So here’s a question:

If the Ayurvedic medical system, which is THE largest medical system in the World has known the benefits of turmeric for thousands of years then why have we only just began testing it modern medicine?

I can tell you why! There’s no money in it for the pharmaceutical companies (who usually fund the medical studies we have come to know and trust). Providing scientific evidence to support the claims that a plant from the ginger family can do the job of costly patented medications will COST them money… and they most certainly don’t want that!

Despite this challenge there are now numerous independent studies providing evidence that the active ingredient in turmeric (Curcumin) is as effective, if not MORE effective than prescription NSAID’s (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs). Curcumin acts at a cellular level, affecting gene expression by blocking molecules associated with inflammation. Not only is it just as effective, but unlike its pharmaceutical equivalent there are also NO negative side affects.

If there is absolutely no known side affects then why isn’t everyone devouring turmeric by the bucket load?

I use it in my juices, grate it on my salads and occasionally cook it up whole, for those who don’t like the taste or have a known inflammation issue and would like to ensure they are getting the right quantities of the plant then supplements are available in capsule form from reputable health food stores.

Apart from using it myself, I have also had great success with clients who are also experimenting with it for various ailments.  It is certainly what I would call a wonder plant and if you are open to trying just one natural supplement then this is the one I recommend you try

– Amber xx

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