Travel lessons for the soul:

When I set off on my soul searching World journey back in July I was expecting to hunt down the top secrets in wellness from around the globe. I had organised to chat to the local people, with focus on time-honored traditions that I could share with my tribe. My ultimate goal was to see natural therapies in action whilst observing what made other cultures happier than ours.

I have learnt a lot and have some wonderful knowledge to incorporate into my soulful teachings, however some of the best lessons came from the experiences I was not expecting.

My top 3 lessons so far are:

1- Being smashed by a wave in Hawaii

Have you ever had a ‘feeling’ that you shouldn’t do something? Yet have done it anyway, only to discover the resulting mayhem? Travelling is one of THE most important times to listen to your intuition, yet it is the easiest time to get caught up in excitement and forget the power of intuition all together.

I’m usually quite good at listening to my intuition, yet the thrill of surfing the waves on Hawaii’s North Shore got the better of me. My gut told me to stay out of the water, with not just one, but multiple hints. I didn’t listen to the universe or its signs and ended up being smashed into the rocks – resulting in a slashed foot, just days before embarking on the Inca Trail. Perfect.

Lesson learnt – Listen to your intuition.

2- Getting a tummy bug in Peru

If you are travelling to a country that requires you to put toilet paper ‘beside’ the toilet and not ‘in it’ you are going to get sick. You can pack all of the travel wipes and hand sanitizer you like and touch nothing but bottled water… but if you are staying longer then a couple of days it will not be a matter of if you get sick, it will be a matter of when. I was proud to get through the first 10 days in immaculate, healthy condition… then all of a sudden, out of no where, I was woman down!

Lesson Learnt – You are not invincible. Be prepared, carry hydration salts & lots of toilet paper!

3- Missing luggage in London

Having spent a lot of this year working on my need to ‘let go’ I have done major clean-outs of my home, halved my wardrobe and thrown out boxes of material ‘things’. Packing 3 months of belongings to accommodate diverse climates into 30 kg of baggage was both liberating and scary. Imagine living with just enough to get by? I was excited by my newfound minimalist lifestyle, and was cruising along quite nicely.

….Until I arrived at Heathrow airport in London after a 57hour transit from Iguazu falls in Argentina. Desperate for a shower and clean clothes, I was a little bit confused as to why my bag was not circulating on the carousel. The I  learnt that my bag had decided to take a trip of its own. Three days on I still don’t have my bags, and I can only assume this is the universe way of taking it’s teachings on letting go to the ‘next level’.

Lesson Learnt – I can survive without material possessions (despite being a little bit stinky).

The universe doesn’t always give you what you want, it does however give you what you need, and in some cases what you need is to experience uncomfortable situations. It is these uncomfortable situations that result in growth. And growth is EXACTLY what I needed.

I would love you to share the travel lessons you have learnt in the comments section as well,

– Amber xx

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