The Top 4 Exercises to Transform Your Body Shape

If you are looking to transform the shape of your body the following 4 exercises are exactly what you need.

Forget endless hours clocking up km’s on the treadmill, if you want to change the shape of your body you need to work your muscles with these functional strengthening exercises.

The Deadlift:

Often shied away from in fear of injury, the deadlift is one of the most important exercises you can learn. Believe it or not you already deadlift every single day, and will continue to deadlift right up until a very old age.

Deadlifting is the simple task of picking something up safely. And for this reason alone it needs to be learnt and practiced correctly. Have you ever dropped your keys at the front door? Then you will have performed a deadlift to pick them up! Functional uses and strengthening aside, the deadlift can help build and shape the muscles of your behind, making it popular with the ladies in recent times.

The Full Squat:

If it’s shapely legs you are after then the full squat is your new best friend. Easy to practice anywhere the squat is best performed through to its full range of motion. By this I mean go as deep as you can. Many women have been taught to stop their squat when their thighs reach parallel to ‘protect’ their knees. Whilst it is true you don’t want to be squatting in such a way that your knees are protruding way past your toes, you do want to train your full range of movement. This is what will ACTUALLY protect you from injuries when performing these movements in your everyday life.

Watch the 4 Exercises below:

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The Push Up:

If it’s the tuck-shop arms you are looking to wave goodbye to, then the push up is the exercise you have been looking for. If it’s been a while since you have attempted a push up don’t be scared off, there are many variations that are all effective to get you started. Think of beginning on your knees or even with your arms on a chair.

Upper body strength is something most women lack because we are too scared or too lazy to do it. If you want firm arms you need to consider the push up.

The Pull Up:

Without a doubt the most effective exercise when it comes to body shape transformations. Scary? Maybe. Difficult? Perhaps. Life changing? You bet! Have you ever seen a woman who has toned arms, a small waist and a confident posture? Chances are she has tried a pull up or two in her time. In my 16 years as a trainer I have never seen an exercise change a body shape more than the pull up, and although the full pull up is quite a challenge it does have some easier progressions to get you started.
Simply hanging off a bar and activating your shoulders so that you are not hanging like a dead fish is a good place to start. Progressions on low bars or gymnastics rings are also handy.

You may begin working on your upper body to look a little more toned, but the increase in strength, that leads to an increase in independence and confidence will be the thing that keeps you going. Tasks such as carrying the children, bringing in the shopping and moving the furniture will become a breeze (I am woman hear me roar!).

In the following four weeks I will go through each of these exercises and their variations in DETAIL, that way you can get started on these body changing moves even if you haven’t done any exercise since high school!

– Amber xx

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