One-On-One Coaching

It can be said that health is your greatest wealth. Unfortunately in this day and age health can also be your largest liability.

Most of my clients come to me wanting to lose wight and improve their bodies, and this is exactly what they achieve. The road to an amazing body can come from one of two ways.

You can either focus on building a body that looks good from the outside with quick fixes and diet pills, which overlooks health in the favour of aesthetics; or you can focus on health and build an amazing body from the inside out. An amazing thing happens when you focus on being healthy, your body begins to look amazing as well!!

Think of it like this:

“You can look good but have bad health, however, you can’t have good health and look bad”

Executive Wellness Coaching

3 month Individualised total health and well-being program for optimal health, well-being and performance

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Private studio Sessions (Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast)

12 Week ‘kick start’ Challenge

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Health and Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching & Guidance

Health and Nutrition Coaching (online or in-person)

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What My Amazing Clients Have to Say
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Meg Holland

When I first spoke to Amber, I was feeling very low and a little sorry for myself. But within the first ten minutes of my free trial coaching call, I also knew that I really, really wanted to work with her! Amber’s energy is so inspiring and full of light and her passion for nutrition, exercise and wellbeing is contagious. There is no doubt her life purpose is to help others become their best selves and she does this with pure love and lots of knowledge!

During my sessions with Amber I learnt about self-love and self-compassion. I realised that knowledge and theory are important, but they are nothing without action! Amber helped me recognise when I was making decisions based on fear. And then together we worked on overcoming those fears. There were times I wanted to give up and quit the program. But Amber was always just a phone call or email away to offer me guidance and motivation.

My six months working with Amber has taught me the fundamentals of good nutrition, the importance of moving my body and how crucial it is to have a positive daily spiritual practice.

If you feel like there is just so much more to your life; that there is just so much more to YOU – but it is hidden under layers of fear; or if you are trapped in a cycle of procrastination– then I can’t recommend Amber enough to help you gain clarity and the momentum to move forward!

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Genevieve Quan

Business Development Manager

I have trained with many trainers before and none of them are as well-structured, professional or as personable as Amber. Amber is brilliant – with a wealth of knowledge, compassion and passion for what she does. Amber is real and someone who practices what she preaches. She understands the individuality of a person, providing inspiration and motivation in life that is second to none.

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Kelly Morgan

Project Manager

I have been lucky enough to have Amber’s advice on tap as a mentor and life coach. Amber’s knowledge, passion and experience in health for the soul and the body is unrivalled. Amber takes the time needed to get to know ‘you’ and how you can improve your choices and lifestyle to be the best version of yourself. I will always look to Amber for advice because I know she puts herself in my shoes.