Health and Nutrition Coaching

As a qualified health coach and nutritionist working with clients from around the World, I have seen first hand that no one diet works for everyone. You cannot give one plan to a group of individuals and expect it to work the same way on each of them. Have a look around at the people in your life, they are all different builds, have different jobs, are different ages with different ethnic backgrounds and different genetics. It makes sense that what suits me won’t suit my neighbour from Japan and what suits her won’t suit my partner. We are all individuals and need to discover which approach suits us best.

There is more to nutrition than just what you eat, your nourishment comes from all areas of your life, to focus solely on food in the quest for optimal health is a massive mistake. Focusing on calories, carbs, fats and proteins may lead to a short term weight reduction, but alone it rarely leads to a lifestyle change. For this reason my method rarely includes diet ‘plans’ and instead focuses on guiding my clients to discover what nutritional approach works for them together with some deep lifestyle changes.

Maturity comes when you stop making excuses and start making changes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.31.25 pmHow many diets have you tried? How many YEARS have you spent trying the latest fad? How much money have you spent trying the weight loss pills, shakes and the latest and greatest program to instant weight loss?

Changing your lifestyle can be deemed a hard thing to do, years of clever conditioning through marketing and the media has led to a generation of women never feeling good enough and always looking for the quick fix. Even the people that meant well were ill advised, the western diet itself, promoted by the government was wrong.

You do not need to become a vegan loving, green juice drinking hippy to benefit from holistic health and nutrition. But you do need to begin treating yourself as a whole; mind, body and spirit.

Your life of dieting and never feeling enough is not your destiny, my proven method will guide you to make the changes you need to set yourself free.

One off Consultation and Nutritional Guidance

One off nutritional plan – $297

Includes health screening, initial consultation and goal setting.

Individualised sample meal plan and suggested inclusions for optimal health. This plan is not a “quick fix” but instead it is a lifestyle plan designed to promote optimal health from the inside out.

Also includes one 10 minute consultation on delivery to ensure understanding of the plan

*This plan is not a package and does not include updates after the initial delivery

Nutrition & Health Coaching

Nutrition and Health Coaching Package – $597 per month (3 month minimum)

Includes initial health screening consultation and goal setting session

Individualised nutrition guidelines reviewed bi-monthly

Individualised exercise program tailored to your ability, access to equipment and goals. Includes weights, cardio, stabilisation, mobility, stretching and activation drills to ensure injury prevention and longevity.

Individualised self-care and lifestyle advice for stress reduction and better health based on extensive research and international travel through the Americas, Europe and Asia

2 x 45 minute Skype/Telephone/Face to Face sessions per month to discuss progress and the implementation of new techniques

Unlimited email support

This plan is not a “quick fix” but instead it is a lifestyle plan designed to promote optimal health from the inside out. After each session with me you will be given a detailed summary as well as 2-3 items to action for achievable and sustainable results.

Private VIP Day

Private VIP Day Package – $1297

The perfect way to kick start your journey into health and Wellness. Spend the entire day (5 hours) focusing on you and your health. During our day together we will cover the following:

We begin the day with an in depth Goal setting and mindset session to ensure you get the most out of the day. Overcome self doubt and release your ‘story’. This is the time for a new you!

Cupboard and fridge clean out – Learn what is holding you back from your goals

Lunch at a local cafe – Learn how to make the best choices that still enable you to have a social life

In depth tour of your local health food shop/supermarket with advice on labels/ingredients and supplements. Here we will choose better alternatives to restock your pantry

Finish the day with a workout devised for you using what you have at your home with instructions on technique and recovery

This package includes an initial health screening consultation and goal setting session over the phone or via Skype as well as a 30 minute follow up session 2 weeks after the Private VIP Day

Also includes: Individual nutrition guidelines tailored towards your specific goals

Individualised exercise program tailored to your ability, access to equipment and goals. Includes weights, cardio, stabilisation, mobility, stretching and activation drills to ensure injury prevention and longevity

*Private VIP Days are held on Australia’s Gold Coast, other locations may be negotiable. Additional fees to cover travel will apply

If you are interested in working with me on your Health and Nutrition goals please book your FREE discovery session by filling out the form below.

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What My Amazing Clients Have to Say
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Meg Holland

When I first spoke to Amber, I was feeling very low and a little sorry for myself. But within the first ten minutes of my free trial coaching call, I also knew that I really, really wanted to work with her! Amber’s energy is so inspiring and full of light and her passion for nutrition, exercise and wellbeing is contagious. There is no doubt her life purpose is to help others become their best selves and she does this with pure love and lots of knowledge!

During my sessions with Amber I learnt about self-love and self-compassion. I realised that knowledge and theory are important, but they are nothing without action! Amber helped me recognise when I was making decisions based on fear. And then together we worked on overcoming those fears. There were times I wanted to give up and quit the program. But Amber was always just a phone call or email away to offer me guidance and motivation.

My six months working with Amber has taught me the fundamentals of good nutrition, the importance of moving my body and how crucial it is to have a positive daily spiritual practice.

If you feel like there is just so much more to your life; that there is just so much more to YOU – but it is hidden under layers of fear; or if you are trapped in a cycle of procrastination– then I can’t recommend Amber enough to help you gain clarity and the momentum to move forward!

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Genevieve Quan

Business Development Manager

I have trained with many trainers before and none of them are as well-structured, professional or as personable as Amber. Amber is brilliant – with a wealth of knowledge, compassion and passion for what she does. Amber is real and someone who practices what she preaches. She understands the individuality of a person, providing inspiration and motivation in life that is second to none.

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Kelly Morgan

Project Manager

I have been lucky enough to have Amber’s advice on tap as a mentor and life coach. Amber’s knowledge, passion and experience in health for the soul and the body is unrivalled. Amber takes the time needed to get to know ‘you’ and how you can improve your choices and lifestyle to be the best version of yourself. I will always look to Amber for advice because I know she puts herself in my shoes.