About Me

Have you ever stopped and thought "There must be more to life"?

You’re not the only one!

I have spent the last three decades experiencing the highs and lows of life, from debilitating depression through to being a multiple World Champion Athlete and Mother. My passion, my drive, my everything is dedicated to helping others in their journey through life.

If you’re reading this then I can help YOU too!!

This page is my ‘home away from home’ a place where I will help motivate, inspire and encourage you through your own journey, by sharing my stories, my experiences and my thoughts on practices that can enrich your life today!

After growing up as a fairly normal high achieving child I began to experience depression in my late teens, by the age of 22 I had been hospitalised four times with the chronic disease. To spare you the details the scars on my wrists and the medical records show that I was well and truly looking for a way out.

Deemed beyond help by many of the medical experts I began to seek alternative ways to get me through the days. At the age of 23 I wanted to give up on merely existing and begin truly living. The wheels began to turn and getting through days became easier. With good food, some soul searching and a lifestyle overhaul I started to focus on setting goals for the future including living a healthy happy life.

After having two beautiful children I went on to win 3 World championship trophies, if I could turn my life from the torments of a hospital bed to the joys of a World stage then you can upscale yours too!!

After all, its not just the destination, we are all in a journey through life.

-Amber xx


Born in Australia, I spent most of my life as a sporty child on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula with my Family. I competed at a national level for various sports including Track and Field, Aerobics and Lifesaving.

After High School my love of sport and health continued. I became an accredited personal trainer and attended Monash University studying Nursing before transferring to Bio-medical Science where I specialised in Exercise Physiology. During this time I worked in supermarkets, Real estate offices, beauty salons and modeled for magazines such as FHM and Ralph, personal training clients in my spare time. (In short I did nothing but work and study to keep my mind busy)

In 2009 after having two children of my own I decided to compete in a body sculpting competition. Later that year I won my first World Title, which was duplicated twice in 2010.

Shortly after this my desire to help people “feel” good instead of look good began to take front seat. I enrolled in the holistic Nutrition certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am currently studying a bachelor degree in Nutritional Medicine.

I work with a broad range of people who are committed to achieving results. From stay at home Mums to Hollywood actors. I don’t use ‘cookie-cutter’ plans and instead treat my clients as individuals, resulting in a long term change, not just a short term fix.

Promoting a Healthy lifestyle is my passion, whether someone is young or old, living a healthy lifestyle will benefit not only themselves but those around them and of course the healthier we are as individuals the healthier we are as a community.

I now practice Health and Nutrition Coaching alongside Personal Training on Australia's Gold Coast. I also run the international program: 60 Days to a Sexy Soul as an online e-course.

Corporate Wellness & Peak Performance Coaching

Executive Wellness, Personal Training & Nutrition

60 Day Online Holistic Health and Well-being Program

What My Amazing Clients Have to Say
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I have trained with many trainers before and none of them are as well-structured, professional or as personable as Amber. Amber is brilliant – with a wealth of knowledge, compassion and passion for what she does. Amber is real and someone who practices what she preaches. She understands the individuality of a person, providing inspiration and motivation in life that is second to none.

Genevieve Quan

Business Development Manager

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I have been lucky enough to have Amber’s advice on tap as a mentor and life coach. Amber’s knowledge, passion and experience in health for the soul and the body is unrivalled. Amber takes the time needed to get to know ‘you’ and how you can improve your choices and lifestyle to be the best version of yourself. I will always look to Amber for advice because I know she puts herself in my shoes. 

Kelly Morgan

Project Manager